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tv   [untitled]    July 29, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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bringing you the latest in science and technology from around. the. this of course but the accusations are insignificant it's just an attempt to shift some parts of the plane aviation experts say war source clutching at straws as part of reluctantly admits being chiefly responsible for the plane crash that killed the nation's president long. also. we should have amputated greece from the euro zone longer bill the greek brainwaves on spain the country's credit rating prepares for the worst because of its eurozone stablemates instability germany refuses to sign blank checks for nothing has just gone its latest on that ahead. deadline
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day but still no sign of a decision in the u.s. debt rival parties wrestle over a solution to america's biggest lender china loses its patience. and the square root of civil address thousands camp out in israel's public plazas demanding better living conditions and concerns now members of the tally about rising egypt's need. welcome you watching our team from moscow with me kevin now in this hour it's now nine pm here and our top story poland's investigation into the presidential plane crash and its moments last year says the tragedy was caused by its crew but it also partly blames russia for the catastrophe which killed lech kaczynski and dozens of the polish political elite the results are already triggering cracks among poland's
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leading politicians alexy a jet ski for sea as the latest tonight from warsaw. certainly the main highlight of this press conference was that poland openly admitted that its crew the crew of the airplane was the one to blame for the tragic plane crash which killed most of the country's political elite ninety six people including the presidential couple. in april of last year but still there was some controversy in that because many circumstantial evidence was named in some experts believe that this report was used by the commission in some sense to me to criticize russia and to shift some part of the blame on to russia this is what some experts have to say about that. i think we're now witnessing some political games to shoot people going from the polish side i was an expert in this commission and i was surprised to learn it was chosen immediately because all the flight surgeon who preparation for so much of my way through certainly most of the points voiced by the commission points had the flight
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crew at their inadequacy and other good decisions at their low quality cation while flying this plane but some of the things they talked about were directly pointed at to russia that the air traffic controllers were reportedly misleading the pilots and that the airfield in smolensk was reportedly not suitable for such landings some experts already say that this report represents something of an attempt to please everybody both in poland and in moscow so definitely this case has been very heavily politicized from the very first moment and will probably have something to do ation of the story and in the latest news we've heard is that the country's defense minister has stepped down from his position after this report was was made published by the commission on his course one of the legs here is yes he will doubt carsten on the links being made to russian air controllers in a polish report and he. told r.t.
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the final decision is always with the flight crew. it's the most poor the main thing is that poland admitted that the crew wasn't prepared enough for the flight the claims concerning the airport all controllers they have nothing to do with the crash i've been applied for over thirty years and i know a simple rule if you don't see the runway or it's the likes of the decision height you have no other choice than to raise the landing gear and go to your reserve airport. and leading aviation analyst david letterman told r t the poland is trying to put some of the blame on russia because the truth is too hard to accept the accident was a simple one it's a type of accident that followed a mistake of a type which is happened countless times before in aviation history this was such a human tragedy such a political tragedy for the polish people that they they they've been they've been
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given the truth and the truth is unbearable they can't take it now i don't think that the polish investigators think they can pin the blame on anybody else but i do think that they are looking to pin some of the blame on somebody else but we're very much across of elements in this story for you we'll bring you more coverage an expert opinion on the results of the investigation for the night we've also got details of that plane crash including a firsthand accounts of witnesses at the time it's an arty dot com on our website. one of the big credit rating agencies is warning that it's reviewing spain's status among the main reasons is the pressure it's under over the bailout for greece what is really the latest from madrid tonight. moody's has just announced that it wanted to downgrade spain to spain's ratings means bonds have already fallen by four percent and the euro has fallen as well now this of course is happening to the
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fourth largest economy in the eurozone and you would think it should be better off but spain has been plagued by some very serious economic problems there's of course the the very large outstanding this as well as the other again shown unemployment and we're already used to hearing about the so-called pixie countries being in economic woes and that of course is the orchard girl ireland greece and spain and now italy is also looking at some major issues as far as their economy is concerned by now or are also the the heavy drivers of the european economy the for france and germany are also finding themselves in sort of hot water because just recently in the i.m.f. has said that france has some words been too optimistic about the evaluation of its prognosis and actually may not be as well off as the french authorities have i hoped to have hoped the country to be the problem look these are things that have just happened suddenly i mean the french budget deficit has been in
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a deficit the french budget since one thousand nine hundred seventy four this is typical of contagion we've been talking about it for weeks we have you know when you get some degree of illness it goes through the body ultimately you have to decide when to amputate it and the truth is we should have to. do so that leaves germany and germany is already bearing the brunt of basically calling the entire european economic structure out of the sinking hole that is finding itself in recently this is all coming up right where the voices of discontent among the eurozone critics among the euro skeptics are growing louder and louder in fact there is saying that the euro. zone critics are saying that while initially the euro zone was created. that hope of pulling out the weaker economies quite the opposite is happening the weaker economies are going down and there they are dragging down the stronger economies with them so this latest step workouts for
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modi's is actually very bad news for the eurozone and for the euro as well and they did since the euro crisis is drowning out some of the smaller players we reported a bit about anger and disappointment in slovakia as one of the poorest e.u. countries is pressure to chip in the bailout its troubled neighborhoods. money troubles to the u.s. the clock ticks towards choose day but squabbling lawmakers still can't agree on how to stop america's massive debt from falling off a cliff and maybe into default thought to would amount to seven associate professor of economics of frostburg state university says it's time for american politicians to make up their minds these folks in washington are delusional you know look me give the example of van kirk you know during the end of world war two everybody in hillary's barker thought they could still win the war when the russians were outside you know and in already in the streets of berlin i mean we have to understand this is the situation is not sustainable and the night that they can
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talk about short term solutions but they have allowed this thing to go on to a point where day they are going to have to admit defeat or defeat is going to be there for the. lingering debt crisis in america's making china see read about it america's biggest lender thinks the u.s. has been dangerously irresponsible investment analyst peter schiff told us we could see china dump the dollar as its main reserve currency. we can't afford bad relations with china see gaging holds the cards you know we're dancing to the tune that they play the real problem for china is that there's no way that america can pay back the money that the chinese are for a loan just politically just not going to happen especially when interest rates rise and i'm surprised they can do chinese so long to figure out that they've been thrown a lot of good money after bad i don't think we're going to the thought i think we're going to inflate which is just as bad but you know we're going to raise the
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debt ceiling the problem is the debt ceiling the sooner the chinese stop stop enabling on this call the economy that we have this sooner we as americans to begin to repair the damage and what's going to happen is for the dollar collapses americans are going to see a big reduction in our standards of living it's a big story it will come to a head on choose that we want to know what you think about it all and. that's a question we're asking you how do you think this will pan out this is what it's telling us right now just over half of you seem convinced there's no choice america has to agree on raising the debt ceiling slightly over a third of you this believe the political progress the nation will send everyone else's economy into freefall nine percent in there tonight saying times run out of its old tears on america's doorstep what do you think will happen tell us about tea dot com you'll find our latest news and analysis there about this big story to. crowds about in cairo's tahrir square five months softly have sting of president
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mubarak thousands of people there in fact in what is one of the largest demonstrations since the fed rising cairo based journalist and blogger austin mackell says the arab spring has produced a strong and divisive is the most movement. protest planned for today was originally billed as the day of unity and it was a sign that liberal and islam as forces were going to come together to continue their push for sort of basic democratic rights down in the square i was just on it before i came here this is a huge number of. muslim brotherhood members the most disliked me to the square has been. in the time that i've been here and they really chance of. islamic identity and this or islamic nature of egypt which is cause some friction with the secular forces who are down there but normally it is if you look forces dominate entirely they're the ones who run the been running a sit in there for
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a month since the clashes that happened at the end of june but today parts they are not by the islamists and there's a similar shelf of arrested neighboring israel to public square as they are now see of demonstrators camping out calling for social justice and for prime minister netanyahu to go i think a protest planned for saturday palestinian israeli journalist as he says the similarities in egypt are clear. two thirds of the poor in israel are working poor people who are work everyday people who have a great chance and still are not able to go above the poverty level so that's a reason that people are coming out of the street if you look at how the protesters started it's almost identical to how it started in egypt and internees and other places started through facebook somebody who made a post on facebook through social media that's how people organize or was organized completely in the beginning by the young people in israel students people who feel that they have no future people who feel who can't afford living here and here is
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realizing that this is not the way to go forward he's trying to figure out ways to deal with it because a government could have an athlete full its role and these are ground and i think it is in danger especially that the process is growing while israel has been under building in tel aviv and haifa and all these major cities and israel is all have been overbuilding in the west bank focus of the israeli government at the moment is more sustaining the occupation more sustaining the settlements rather than cheering for the majority of the population who actually oppose opponents and oppose occupation and its role proper that the problem here though is the still too many israelis have not been able to make that connection and the more and the sooner israelis make the connection realize that there are two patients affects their daily life affects that the pennies that the government spending the money the government spending in the west bank verses and i think you will see a real revolution in israel. full coverage of all our top stories available at sea dog kong this is what we've got on line for you right now let's take
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a look at an awful story to kick off with in fact a huge blast at a coal mine in ukraine is killed seventeen with nine miners still thought being trapped a kilometer underground tonights known folding disaster our correspondents on the scene bringing us the latest updated got online tonight also this too it's like when you come home and discover somebody else's party cause sitting in you know in truth will be sent to provide you security people who's going to migrants target are no rushes nato where gore tells r.t. his concerns over the american missile defense program in europe as exclusive interviews in full at r.t. dot com. feel. safe. and. the split may have been appearing now among libya's rebel movement thursday's killing of the top military commanders been blamed on one of the rebel factions and
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the claim is from a special forces member who was under the command of the murdered units the military chief and two of his aides were gunned down hours after rebel authorities reportedly arrested here over his family suspected ties to colonel gadhafi his regime he had been libya's foreign minister before defecting to the opposition the national transitional council played the killing on gadhafi supporters the consequences of the murder will depend on how deep the commanders alleged connections really ran that's according to his he's advisor to america's antiterrorism caucus. the consequences of his killing could be either short ramification or vast ramifications if indeed he was only an individual or even a high ranking official who had still relationships with the gadhafi regime then his killing would be it would be the end of the. if the other case is that he
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and others inside the council the interim council of the big problems have been in opposition to another force a military force that could be other little pawns it could be the militia of the jihadist or another tribe if the case is deeper then the concern is more serious in the west that there could be more clashes in the future or what actions within the military camp at a time where the rebel seems to be on the offensive so we're going to wait and see the results of the investigations and most likely the nato command would want to be part of these investigations. more top stories tonight the pakistani taliban claims that they are holding two swiss tourists it is now a bit earlier this month the militants say they will release them if the u.s. frees imprisoned female pakistani scientist the taliban provided no proof but they say the hostages are in good health this was couple was seized while on holiday in the southern province of the first of july. the first funerals for the victims of
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norway's gun and bomb attacks have been held and also a week after the tragedy after a memorial service in the capital crowds gathered leaving a massive floral tribute to the seventy six of die in while the man who's confessed to both the massacre and bombing is being questioned for a second time by police. believe pictures this is the also the power of a massive landslide just want everything in its path in south korea is the result of heavy shelling renshaw rain and floods are sweeping the country right now leaving fifty three dead so many. landslides also thought from sent parts of north korea landmines to washington. but it's one of our top stories this hour europe's economic bailout burdens affecting not only the richest but also the poorest members of the euro zone so far here's economy has never been too strong but it risks being crushed now under the weight of a current crisis sarah furth reports next on whether it's europe membership is failing to live up to its promises. a save it charity starts at home
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well sort of back here made you one of the poorest countries but with pressure from the e.u. to participate in a second bailout their money could soon be going to greece we call them i'll tell you what joining the euro zone brought responsibilities but not benefits in fact slovakian pensions are significantly lower in days increase people here is hey michel to tell us they barely cover their food costs with the money they receive have to now. deal with homelessness. after all reform our pension system our health care system they never enough money. back in two thousand and nine when slovakia joined the year as a it was such high hopes it was also kind of prestige to be the first one among hungary and republic. for the one from central europe to be you know
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if you're a club that the year is going it seems isn't all it was cracked up to be as we join your of the on the rolls. saying birds of one country are liable in just this one country in may two thousand and four and the rules change dramatically is left as severe you can lay well now be breathing a sigh of relief in fact neighboring not only here is a plain cheese have felt the benefits slayback shuckers have been heading to bear check out in peace to escape the year a point come just across the border from the packets of the czech republic where the superstore out there doing a building business is more and more people make the regular journey to do their shopping because the prices here is simply much cheaper people now shopping outside the country vacuums retail revenues have fallen dramatically and the high prices nina tourism industries have been hit hard certainly not the results hopeful. in the thursday joint out but every club has its leaders and what they say apparently
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gates even if they're the ones who got you into trouble in the first place used to be created. all the countries in europe are. as german born so. make it possible for a greek. or so much money back in maybe contributing business think it's led many of the days at first eager to join the euro gang healing they're now simply being pitched around. age seventy scientology updates and i've got a bright idea for saving energy with light bulbs as well as other pioneering gizmos first it's culture with kareena she got the business for you in just sixty short seconds.
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to . see. if.
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our welcome to business here or not see thanks for joining me in four days the u.s. government will run out of money democrats and republicans are still arguing over how to cut the deficit and stalling on raising the debt ceiling the markets still believe washington will act in time to avoid disaster but the gaps are beginning to suffer. but i think we're now getting to the stage where people are really going to be concerned that a deal may not be done a lot of economists constructed just from analysts start to be quite vocal in their criticism of washington saying come on guys it's time to sort it out i think a lot of nervousness waiting for the last minute deal i think it will give them pulled me into monday or tuesday but i just think it could turn very quickly i think you could get a run in confidence very quickly. and let's take a look at the markets now precious metals are trading high as it best to look for
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safe haven due to an uncertainty over the u.s. debt resolution after republicans councils a vote on the deficit reduction plan turning to allow a new report from europe's biggest oil company will that shell time of low cost oil and gas as that and then it is binding resources will be more complex and require more money and investment for today at least the market is down as problems in the us chipping away at investor confidence fights where it is losing one dollar seventy cents trading below ninety six dollars a barrel while brant is that one hundred sixteen dollars per hour. and it's not looking good in europe with both could see emma dax finishing in the red stocks are up to moody's rating agency has put spain on the view or possible downgrade disappointing u.s. growth data is weighing on the markets banking stocks lead the fall with share as takes it down three percent and lloyd's is three percent in the red as well. as russian equity markets and we can read polling global trends the r.t.s.
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and isaacs lost over and under a percent respectively now let's take a look at some individual moves on the rise x. zero majors were among the main losers amid weaker crude attack me after last over four percent banking stocks are also under pressure b c b has dropped over two percent marking the trend was powered generator raul again almost four percent a solid michael stein from a prison financial corporation wraps up today's trade. my six is down about a percent today along with most european markets on the back of news that moody's may be angry spain's credit rating overshadowed. better than expected retail sales data coming out of germany and some other positive economic gaited it came out of the euro zone investors of course are mean edgy boat the u.s. debt ceiling impasse in the market of volumes overall are quite low and with most stocks down today. russia's biggest lenders bear bank is one step closer to
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acquiring force bank as a national supervisory board of the european company has approved the sale to banks wished agreement oh yeah the small but no details will confide it analysts estimate the takeover at around seven hundred million dollars would spare bank planning to finalize it by the end of the year the acquisition is aimed at helping the russian company expand its like to be in the east european market. or a major ross now has boosted its second quarter net profit by ten percent year on year to two point eight billion dollars profits were held by high global cool prices to roll some limited by increasing taxes results with below analyst expectations. well some car giant afterthoughts has turned a profit for its french shareholder rainfall for the first time you can make a managed to squeeze thirty seven million euros out of its affiliate in the first half of the year that compares with a fifty six million euro loss in the same time
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a year ago the whole group would point at this to six percent john. it's all the years we have for you but remember you can always most stories just log onto our web site r t v dot com slash business not so much.
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a big splash in the world of hi-tech business what turns events science into i judge the products they don't understand oh hell which jesus got to be followed russian invaders to egypt haters and broad and their big breakthrough back home of spotlight on stone on technology update here on. we've got the future covered. would be soon which bryson if you only bounce from phones to impressions. new phones stunts on t.v. don't come.


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